Delusions of Power 

Written and Directed by David Dubczak

Auditions, September 9 and 10 7pm, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Innovations Office

117 E Salem Ave, Indianola

Performances:  November 7-10, 2019, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Innovations Office

117 E Salem Ave, Indianola

Thursday-Saturday, 7pm. Sunday, 2PM.

Carousel Theatre Original!   World Premiere!

A popular president faces her first real challenge: a case of accidental hallucinogenic drug use by the vice president while the president is undergoing surgery. Pandemonium breaks out while the White House staff tries to cover for a delusional vice president in the midst of unexpected domestic and international crises. Will the White House cover this up, tell the truth, or do something else?

Cast of Characters

9 (3 female, 6 male)

Ages: 30's-60's in appearance.

President Melinda LaFollette

Deb Hade

Vice President Oswald Decatur

Zach Jones

Marcus, Chief of Staff to President LaFollette

David Dubczak

Ricard von HarbanSoulless Advisor

Bryce Palm

Barbara, Communications Advisor

Melissa Powell

Admiral Fisher

Michael Stout-Martin

KellySecretary to LaFollette

Laura Goettsch

Travis LaFollette, son of LaFollette

Rico Miller




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